What is a Mog & Springer?

It’s a good question with a simple answer – Mog & Springer is a cat and a dog. When developing the name, I looked to my daily office companions, our cat and dog, Jasper & Monty. They are always by my side, listening in on conference calls, napping in the office chairs and asking for the occasional treat or two, or three.

Mog is short for “moggy”, a term often heard used in the United Kingdom, which refers to a cat of unknown origin/mixed breed and common domestic cat. Springer is short for English Springer Spaniel. You can learn more about our clever, loving office companions below.

Meet Jasper

The “Mog” of Mog & Springer Communications

Jasper was adopted from a rescue shelter in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. He’s a handsome, 15 pound, butterscotch lion of love. Jasper is an adventurer, an expert mouser, bird watching enthusiast, lover of dairy products, office chair lounger and quite the snuggle bug.

Meet Monty

The “Springer” of Mog & Springer Communications

Monty is a wonderful English Springer Spaniel who happens to have his full tail, which we love. He is one of the happiest personalities you will ever meet and makes everyone smile. His hobbies include chasing squirrels, going on long field walks, hanging out with his neighborhood dog buddies, eating ice cream cones, and being where we are, any time of day.

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